'Can the learning begin in the logo itself?'.... I thought while designing Maatraa’s Identity. It was the name ‘Maatraa’ that sparked this idea. Maatraa means “unit” or “measurement” in Hindi. All Indian languages have a dependent vowel form called maatraa (मात्रा). Maatraas cannot be used by themselves. A maatraa added to a consonant can create a brand new word. It is like a support to the main pillar. Similarly,for every potential employee, in addition to core knowledge, communications skills are pivotal to success. “Our courses are going to be the Maatraa of student’s education. It will enhance their knowledge, and give meaning to their skills, empowering employability.” said Alakta Kar, who is co founder of Maatraa, with Lata Rao. This was a thought starter... is there a maatraa; measurement/unit that can help pronounce the English words? That’s when I started looking at Phonetic (representation of vocal sounds which express pronunciations of words) spelling of the word Maatraa. Given below is an example of long vowels in phonetics. 
LOGO: I have made use of the long vowel phonetic symbol to create the Maatraa logo, taking the creative liberty of keeping the second letter 'a' in grey colour to demonstrate the idea. 
The lower case reflects the approachable, friendly personality of the brand. On another level, the usage of grey/ black in letter 'a' also subtly represents the relationship of student/teacher adding maatraa to his/her education.
Every second, minute, hour & day the number changes. And as the days fill up, the hour glass starts filling up with Maatraa Red.
special thanks to Milind Dhaimade, Alakta Kar, Lata Rao
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