“Jagannath” is an Indian lord whose name literally means “Lord of the Universe.” The one who is beyond human form, who has no ears but hears all and the one who has big round eyes called the Chakadola akin to the Sun and Moon themselves – the circular shape depicting limitlessness. He represents the one who has a limitless vision to see beyond the obvious.

“Kaali” is Shakti, the feminine force, associated with empowerment. Her name comes from the root Sanskrit word "kaal" which means time. She is the goddess of Time & Change. The red tongue out is to create fear in evil forces, in today’s context it can mean to destroy greed of the material world. She represents the one who destroys his ego & goes beyond himself to recognize the ultimate reality.

Director : is the perfect blend of both Jagannath & Kali. His big round chakdola eyes have a great vision for good cinema & seeing beyond the obvious. And his passion for film making goes beyond himself, beyond the material world... its almost spiritual. 
Seems like my litttle experiment worked. The director is currently using this logo.
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