Brand Expansion: The task was to update the current brand identity of Crastos and evolve the design to suit the expanded brand of Crastos Future Boom. The challenge was to design an identity for a new brand story while retaining the equity of the current brand.
The brand was named Crastos and its brand identity was designed in 2013. It depicted the passion and strife in the story of Arun Crasto, a very talented sound recording artist.
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Crastos is a thriving brand in the music industry today and is growing its business under an extended name. 
Studio Signage in Acrylic Material with backlit Star Symbol

Digital Art for Crastos Future Boom

The Sound Evolution
From the planet Crastos, is emanating a strong force of light, moving upwards, spreading powerful sound waves in the universe. As it reaches the top, it explodes with a boom of energy. We see a collection of triangles interlocking around a dot forming a Yantra. Yantra is also referred to as a Mandala or a symbol characterized by simple geometric forms arranged in a symmetric design. These are mystical diagrams that have an ultimate reality and are of strong astronomical aesthetics. It carries the signification of a mantra(sound).
The Yantra we see here is a collection of 16 interlocking triangles with a perfect ratio of 3.14 or the divine number, Pi. It’s called the Sri Yantra and is supposed to be one of the most powerful yantras, symbolizing the process of creation, the manifestation of energy from the dormant potential state.

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