Inspiration & Evolution of the logo
Brand font and colors
​​​​​​​Brand Extension : Friend of Shãn

Snow leopard is called Shãn in the Ladakhi language.  ‘Friend of Shãn’ was to created to instill pride & camaraderie amongst the supporters of SLC-IT. When you volunteer, contribute or support SLC-IT in any way, you become a ‘Friend of Shãn’. We designed a ‘Friend of Shãn’ unit with some accessories.

Shãn Tee Shirt
Shãn Badge
Shãn friendship band
Brand Experience: Save the Spots 
Save the Spots Corner was a fun activity created for the SLC-IT stall at Ladakh International FIlm Festival 2012. Save the Spot  had large cutouts of the snow leopards put up on the wall, without their spots signifying the decline of the endangered species. All you had to do was buy a sticker of the spot and put it on the snow leopard. The idea was to involve people in some kind of a physical act of saving the snow leopard, giving them a larger sense of contribution to the conservation of the endangered species. Each contibutor got free postcard that said “Thank you for giving me a spot” with all the SLC-IT details.
Save the Spot Poster
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