The things I love to live for....
EVIL EYE POT: 'Salt Water Cure', a feng Shui advice to ward off the bad 'chi' (energy in Chinese), is how this pot happened. The ‘Cure’ is to fill a large pot, preferably in blue/black & white color, with rock salt & place it in the west direction. I got a large mud pot, painted the ‘evil eye’ on it and clad it with the black & white zebra stripes 'dhoti' style. 
BMW BOTTLE: On our trip together with friends Baiju & Shyam, we finished a bottle of Cardhu got by Shyam. I kept the empty Cardhu bottle. Knowing Shyam's passion for his BMW, I made him this for his 50th birthday.
I made a reverse BMW logo in the oval groove of one side of the bottle, which you can see inverted from the see-through groove on the other side. His white ‘SHOEI’ helmet inspires the white bottle. The blue vignette running down neck is the open sky, below which are black & white, bike related illustrations.  
TULIPS: Richa got me this lovely huge big green bottle. So i thought for her upcoming birthday, I could paint her, her favourite flowers -Tulips. It was a pleasure painting on the smooth quality of glass. 
TULIPS: Red, Pink & Yellow tulips for Richa. Happy Birthday!!
JAGANNATH & KALI: for my passionate, director husband, on our anniversary.
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