To represent CRASTOS struggle we recreated Arun Crasto's imagery as in Che Guevara’s Image, taking his revolutionary ideals ahead.
We shot him in costume and added a twist of the headphones.

SYMBOL: I created a symbol of the Red Star, which also looks like the letter 'A', (inspired by symbol of the red star on Che Guevara's beret, first used by the Red Army in Russia since after the revolution in 1917). To wear such a symbol would suggest one is also a revolutionary ready to fight and shed ones blood.

Then I converted that photo image into a vector graphic and added the Red Star symbol on the beret to complete the whole rebel image that we were seeking.

LOGO: I integrated the symbol in the logotype replacing it with the letter 'A' of CRASTOS, reflecting the rebel in CRASTOS and
selected a contemporary square font with rounded edges for the logotype, reflecting the tech savvy amiable side of the personality, 

SUPER GRAPHIC: I created a pattern of red rays emerging from the centre reflecting the sound vibrations 
as well as representing a kind of revolutionary movement.

Once I put all the brand elements together, it created an interesting brand unit for CRASTOS




CRASTOS STUDIO CEILING: In collaboration with the Interior Designers, we created the brand's super-graphic pattern on the studio's ceiling
with the Red Star symbol in the centre.

The red rays were created with aluminum shafts that met in the centre on the circle.
In the circle centre, we made a Red Star symbol of acrylic material with LED Lights inside.
The LED lights also went around the circle, giving the feel of the sunlight rays when lit.


I painted the Crastos unit sans the logo, on an empty alcohol bottle and filled it with salt to ward off all the negative energies.
 gifted him this on the opening of his studio. "May success be with you always!"
Special thanks to Varun Shah, Harendra Singh, Rahul & Krina, Luv Kalla, and Milind for making this happen...
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